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Roles Signup Table

Page history last edited by jwbarna 6 years, 9 months ago

This page is no longer being used for role signup. Please sign up here:


Appamada Roles Calendar-Google


Contact Todd (Email (tbankler@gmail.com)  

  • if you would like to sign up for a role and do not yet have permissions to edit this page
  • If you would like to be trained for any of these roles
  • for instructions or training if you are new to these jobs
  • If you are scheduled for a role and cannot make it or find a substitute 


Please move these signups to the new roles calendar, linked above. Thank you!


July 2 
July 9 
July 16 
  Robin  Todd 
July 23
Lila        Krzys    
July 30 Robin  Lila    Ann  Todd   



Comments (3)

jwbarna said

at 9:18 pm on Mar 7, 2015

Todd, hi from Joel. I just saw a dialog box instructing me to "click the star" to add this as a starred page -- but I couldn't find a star to click. Please help me sometime but no rush.

Peg Syverson said

at 8:25 am on Mar 23, 2016

It's next to the page title "Roles Signup Table." But you need to be logged in in order to star pages (since it is saved as your preference).

Peg Syverson said

at 8:25 am on Mar 23, 2016

I will put this page in the sidebar for easy access.

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