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Clearness Committee New Member Process

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Clearness Committee New Member Process




Intention Statement:

As Clearness Committee members, we all share the intention to participate wholeheartedly in this unique group and to foster the support inherent to a loving sangha. We all do our best to show up and keep the momentum and availability of the Clearness Committee as a priority.

1) You will be assigned a point person who will be there to answer any questions about the process and the steps needed to join the Clearness Committee.

2) Read Parker Palmer's book A Hidden Wholeness.  This book is vital to understanding the process and why it is done.  It inspires you in. Please commit to reading the book immediately.  Familiarize yourself with the Clearness Committee structure posted on the Appamada Community section. Go to Appamada.org, click on community and search Clearness Committee under the Archives section. Three files will pop up.

3) Do "walk and talks" with at least 3 members of the current Committee, and set the intention to continue doing them until you have walked with everyone.  This creates a sense of community between us that is invaluable.  Structure for the walk and talks is located in the same place on the site as state above.

4) Be a SILENT witness in 3 formal Clearness Committee meetings that include an outside focus person.

5) Be the focus person in a Clearness Committee process. 

Steps 1-4 must be completed to participate in an official committee meeting with a focus person.



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