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Way-Seeking Mind talks

Page history last edited by Peg Syverson 6 years, 9 months ago

Periodically, sangha members will give Way-Seeking Mind talks, which describe how they came to find themselves on the Zen path, at Appamada. Here is a list of past talks. The Way-Seeking Mind talks are now archived and updated at our SoundCloud account:




Date  Name 
7-8-12 7-8-12 Way-seeking Joel B.MP3  
9-16-12   9-16-12 Way seeking mind Rupesh C.MP3  
10-21-12  10-21-12 Way Seeking Lila.MP3  
12-2-12 Way-Seeking Mind-Tabrez.pdf
1-27-13 1-27-13 Way seeking mind-Laurie W.MP3
5-26-13 5-26-13 Way-seeking mind-Todd.MP3
8-25-13 8-25-13 Liz Y. Way-seeking mind talk.MP3
10-27-13 10-27-13 John C Way-seeking mind .MP3
3-12-14 3-9-14 Margaret K Way-Seeking Mind.MP3

12-11-14 Peg Way-Seeking Mind.MP3

Print version: 12-11-14 Way-Seeking-Peg.pdf

7-19-15 2015-7-19 Way-seeking Mind Judy M .MP3
11-29-15 2015-11-29 Way-Seeking Mind Trent S.MP3  
2-21-16 2016-2-21 Robin B Way-Seeking Mnd Talk.MP3
5-1-16 2016-05-01-Vaughn G Way-Seeking Mind talk.mp3
9-11-16 2016-09-11-Krzys P Way-Seeking Mind.mp3
10-9-16 2016-10-09 Ann L Way-Seeking Mind.mp3  
11-6 2016-11-06-Jenny P. Way-Seeking Mind.mp3  



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