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About the Dialogic Journal

Page history last edited by Peg Syverson 12 years, 7 months ago

For the Depth in Practice Study group, I've recommended that folks keep a journal as they read. You can do this with a little notebook or you can do it on the computer. For convenience, I've posted here two templates for you. There is a .doc file, dialogic journal.doc, which you can type directly into. When you've made an entry, hit the tab to create a new row for the next entry. The .pdf file, dialogic journal.pdf, can be printed out and photocopied if you like. 


The dialogic journal helps deepen your experience of your reading and connect it with your meditation practice. On the left side, copy a passage or phrase that caught your attention, provoked you, or interested you in some way. On the right side, respond to that quote. My suggestions:

1. Your reflections on the quote 

2. How you think it might relate to your practice in some way

3. Any questions that arise for you around it


I hope you will let me know how the journal is working for you. Please bring it to each meeting of the study group. 

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