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Group 1 Practice Discussion

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One of the things we most enjoy is meeting students in practice discussion. Connecting intimately with each of you, responding carefully to your questions and struggles, encouraging your openings, and walking the practice path together, is what we are called to do.   Because of the increasing request for practice discussion we have had to consider ways to optimize our availability and, at the same time, support our best efforts as teachers.
Practice Discussion Groups provide a new opportunity for Flint to see the number of people who are interested in working with him and to do so in a venue that has the potential for very deep work.  Each group will be one and one-half hours long and will meet three times a month, on average.  Groups will have no more than six members.  Practice Discussion Groups require that you make a three month commitment to the group in order to ensure continuity and depth.  You may continue in a group and commit to additional three-month segments as appropriate. If you are interested, you would fill out an interest and commitment form; we will use this information to form up each group. You need to have an established sitting practice for at least six months with Appamada before applying to join a practice group and you will be asked to maintain a daily sitting practice (not necessarily at Appamada) while participating in the group.
The cost is $35 per session if you pay in advance for the sequence of nine sessions (for a total of $315). You may pay through PayPal or by check before the first meeting of the Practice Discussion Group. There is an extended payment option of $120 per month if paid monthly via automatic withdrawal through PayPal. PayPal accepts payments with most major credit cards, or with your PayPal account.
Advance Payment: 
Extended Payment Plan: 


You can be added to the interest list for future Practice Discussion groups here.



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