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Events Signup Template

Page history last edited by Peg Syverson 14 years, 7 months ago

[To create a new signup page, select the link to  "create a page" in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter a descriptive name for your event as the page title. Select "Events" as the folder for the page, in the drop down menu. Then click the button to "use template" and select the template "Events Signup" from the list of templates (it's toward the bottom of the list). Your page will be created and it will look just like this one. Fill in the necessary information and remove this information at the top. ]


Welcome to the signup page for the Appamada <event>. To add your name to the list, click the "edit" tab above. The <event> will be at Appamada (913 East 38th St., Austin) <date> starting at <time>. Please sign up as soon as possible, so we will know what else is needed, and how many people are planning to come.  <If you are planning to bring a dish for the <event>, please remember that it needs to be vegetarian. If your dish is also vegan—no dairy or eggs— please indicate that with a small sign. Please prepare a dish for <# of people>, and try to arrive by <time>, if possible, so that we can get organized. <If you are not able to bring a dish, or if you are eating earlier with family or friends, you are still most welcome to join us whenever you are able to, whether for dinner or dessert, or just to hang out. If you have questions about any of these dishes, or need recipes, please let me know.> You may also just leave a comment below.


RSVP: Will you attend?

Add your name below

How many?

<your name> <# attending>
Item Provider Provider Provider
Help set up      
<list items needed>      
Clean up afterwards      
Take photos      


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