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Chants and Sutras

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Below is a list of chants and sutras you will find in the folder. Please see also the readings on the subject of Appamada in the Appamada Readings folder.


Title Notes
Daily chants-one page.pdf These are the chants we use in our everyday practice
Heart Sutra Chanted daily in Zen temples and monasteries around the world
Merging of Difference and Unity-Cleary tr.pdf Shitou
Genjo Koan Eihei Dogen 
Eihei Kotsuganmon  
Song of the Grass Roof Hermitage Shitou
Metta Sutta Lovingkindness sutra, drawn from the Theravadin tradition
Jewel Mirror Samadhi Dongshan
Hsin Hsin Ming  
Fukanzazengi Eihei Dogen
Bodhisattva's Vow Toreii Zenji
On Silent Illumination Hongzhi Zhengiue
Appamada meal verses.pdf Intensive meal verses, from Joko Beck


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